ALLIED 777 Emergency Resuscitation Kit with Ventilator

The Allied Resuscitation, Suction & Intubation outfit ensures that you are instantly ready with the right equipment to establish and maintain a patient airway in a respiratory arrest victim when immediate medicalcare is not possible.

Specially Designed Packaging

  • Unbreakable
  • Watertight
  • Dust proof
  • Chemical resistant and corrosion proof case
  • Light Weight Strong HPX Resin Case
  • Dual Suction Capability: The ventilator unit has an in-built
  • cylinder driven suction and the kit is additionally supplied
    with manual suction pump

Ergonomic Design

  • Separate compartment for drugs, intubation
    accessories & equipment
  • Comfortable side handles
  • Durable caster wheels & telescoping handles
  • Double-Layered, soft grip handle

Ideal for Use




Disaster Management


War Fields


Rural Area Camps

Ventilator Technical Specification : Meditec England 1200

Pneumatically Driven Ventilator
Pipeline or Cylinder Operated
with a Non-return Valve
IPPV Ventilation Mode
Adult & Pediatric
Manual Override Function
In-built battery
I:E Ratio
Oxygen ConcentrationPreset (1:2)
Minute Volume with 60% O260 or 100%
Minute Volume with 100% O23~20 Ltr/min
Breathing Frequency (Adjustable)2~15 Ltr/min
Add on PEEP (Optional)8~30 bpm
Pressure Manometer0~20 cmH 2O
Noise20~100 cmH 2O
Cylinder Time (when fully charged)< 65 db
Gas Pressure> 60 min
Electronically Controlled Alarm System280~600 kPa
Low Pressure Alarm (Apnea Alarm)
High Pressure Alarm (Barotrauma)
Low Battery Alarm
Low Gas Supply Alarm
Ventilation Cycle Indication
Alarm Silence up to 120 Sec.
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D257 x 135 x 152
Weight4.4 Kg
Storage Temperature20°C~55°C
Operating Temperature18°C~50°C
Storage Atmospheric Pressure50~110 kPa
Operating Atmospheric Pressure0~110 kPa

Tailormade Emergency Resuscitation Kit

1) Laryngoscope

Laryngoscope enables correct insertion without abrading the upper airway.

2) Thermoscan

  • No contact, no cleaning
  • Easy to operate
  • Fast and accurate results
  • Fever alarm
  • Backlight LCD digital display
  • Auto Off

3) Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter:

  • Compact, comfortable and simple operation
  • Large and high resolution LCD screen with backlight
  • Automatic Power Off
  • Low power consumption, more than 30 hours continuous operation

4) ECG Machine

  • Ergonomic, light & compact design
  • Fast measurement within 30secs
  • Auto evaluation of heart health condition
  • Large and high resolution display
  • Easy and convenient to operate and carry
  • Automatic Power Off
  • The stored ECG records can help make early diagnosis. Hence timely detection, earlyprevention

5) Silicon Resuscitators

5. Silicon Resuscitators are designed for manual ventilation of neonates through adults. It is semitransparent and comes with a pressure limitation valve.

6) Hand Suction

6. Manually operated Hand Suction Pump to aspirate mucus, blood and other secretions from the entire airway of Adult, Child or Infants.


1200 VentilatorI.V Cannula
Patient Circuit3 Way Stop
RegulatorIV Sets
Inlet pressure connecting hose with nut nippleAdhesive Plaster
Suction Tube & BottleRolled bandage
Cylinder Refilling AttachmentDisposable Syringe
Light Weight Cylinder (2/3Litre)Silicon Resuscitator bag 1600ml. (Adult)
Pin Index Regulator for CylinderSilicon Resuscitator bag 500ml. (Paed)
StethoscopeSilicon Resuscitator bag 280ml. (Infant)
Aneroid SphygmomanometerLaryngoscope Set
Percussion HammerTransparent Face Mask Set
Tongue SpatulaPharyngeal Airway Set
Examination TorchET Tube Set
Examination Torch cum Vein DetectorOptionalLaryngeal Mask Airway (LMA)
Digital ThermometerPeep Valve for Ventilator CircuitOptional
No Touch IR ThermometerOptionalOxygen Nasal Catheter Oxygen Therapy Mask
Dressing ForcepsSuction Catheter & Tubing
Dressing ScissorSilicon Head Harness
Sterile GaugeHandheld ECG Machine and accessoriesOptional
Needle HolderFinger Tip Pulse Oxi meterOptional
B.P. BladeCPR MaskOptional
Sterile GlovesEtCO2 MonitorOptional
IV Hook

Available in two colors:


Military Green




Retractable Handle