The Allied Meditec Infusion pumps come with a unique In modern day design. By virtue of its unique design the syringe pumps and volumetric infusion pumps can be used on a common docking station to offer greater flexibility to you.

The pumps come in different configurable options to meet your budget requirements. Touch screen control and a simpler user interface make the pumps easy to use. The docking station comes with the flexibility of stacking in multiples of 3 pumps. The Intelligent wi-fi network interface option enables monitoring real-time data at a distant location.

Product Range

Allied Meditec SP200
Syringe Infusion Pump

Allied Meditec SP200 syringe pump has been designed to combine high level of safety and performance with simple & reliable operation. SP200 offers comprehensive range of features making it ideal for general, critical care & neonatal infusion where accuracy is important.

Allied Meditec IP200
Volumetric Infusion Pump

Allied Meditec IP200 is a microprocessor controlled high-precision, intelligent drip type infusion pump, which is capable of accurately controlling the delivery rate of disposable IV set and monitoring the infusion course.

Allied Meditec IC20
Infusion Workstation Docking For 3 Pumps

Suitable for mounting both syringe pumps as well as volumetric infusion pumps simultaneously in quantity 3 or more (in multiples of 3). Syringe and infusion pumps apply the same operation panel and every pump is an independent infusion module, all these are for the convenience of operation and user training.

Allied Meditec IC20
Infusion Workstation Docking With Control Panel For 3 Pumps

It has wi-fi and network interface, which can work with DOCK as a bedside infusion workstation (docking station). All data can be monitored in realtime, and data acquisition and transmission can be done automatically, all above brings you to an intelligent infusion management generation.