Allied Jupiter

Anaesthesia Workstation

The Allied Jupiter workstation has been designed using the time trusted platform of the Allied Jupiter Anaesthesia Machines. The Allied Jupiter Anaesthesia workstation offers a cost-effective yet feature rich solution ideal for mid-size hospitals keeping in mind their requirements. The compact Anaesthesia workstation offers a lot of safety features essential for delivering modern day Anaesthesia.

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  • 2 Gas Machine with Flowmeters for Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide, Electrostatically Powder Coated Metal Frame with Antistatic Castors,
  • Low flow tubes for Oxygen and Nitorus Oxide, Anti Hypoxic Guard, Oxygen Failure Alarm,
  • 2 Pin-Indexed Yokes & Pressure gauges each for Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide
  • Extended Platform for 2 B-Type Bulk Cylinders, 1 Large Spacious Drawer Unit
  • NIST Pipeline Inlets with Pressure Gauges for Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide Automatic Changeover from Pipeline to Cylinder,

Integrated Dual Chamber Circle Absorber

  • 2 Kg Capacity (Approx), On/Off Switch for online changing of Soda lime, Quick Release Mechanism, Water Drain Valve, APL Valve,

Integrated Anaesthesia Ventilator

  • 3.2" monochromatic display, CMV & Manual Modes Suitable for Adult and Pediatric use