Allied JupiterPlus

Anaesthesia Workstation

Allied Medical Limited has developed the Jupiter Plus Anaesthesia Workstation keeping in mind doctor's need of compact and user friendly design of Anaesthesia delivery system that helps to deliver attentive care to the patient rather than on the equipment. Jupiter Plus supports low-flow and minimal and extensive ventilation capabilities all packed in slim and ergonomic design.

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  • 3 Gas System with Flowmeters for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide and Air
  • Dual Cascaded Flowmeters for Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide & Single Flowmeter for Air
  • Rust Free Framework, Anti Hypoxic Guard, Oxygen Failure Alarm,
  • 2 Cylinder Yokes for Oxygen and 2 for Nitrous Oxide, NIST Pipeline Inletes for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide & Air
  • 3 pressure Gauges for Oyxgen & 3 for Nitrous Oxide and 1 for Air, Electrical Distribution Panel, Twin Selectatec Block, Lighting for Vaporisers, Automatic Changeover facility from Pipeline to Cylinder incase of Pipeline Failure,
  • 2 Large Spacious Drawer Units, Auxillary Flowmeter, Work surface lighting

  • 2 Kg Capacity (Approx), On/Off Switch for online changing of Soda lime,
  • Water Drain Valve, Integrated Bag-Vent changeover switch with APL Valve,
  • Automatic Ventilator Switching from Circle Absorber, Fi02 Sensor Port, Airway pressure manometer,

  • 7" TFT Colour Display, VCV, PCV, SIMV & Manual Modes, Fi02 Monitoring,
  • Electronic PEEP, Compliance and Fresh Gas Compensation, Below unit on Side Arm, Integrated Alarms,
  • Waveforms : F-T, V-T, P-T & Spirometry Loops: F-V, V-P, P-F