Jupiter Series

Anaesthesia Machine

Allied Medical Limited has developed the Jupiter Anaesthesia Machines by working closely with Anesthetists & keeping in mind their need of user friendly design of Anaesthesia delivery system that helps to deliver attentive care to the patient. The Allied Jupiter Anaesthesia Machines offers a cost-effective yet in-built safety features rich solution to ensure patient safety. Offers 3 variants to choose from (Models: Jupiter 200/300/500)- classified on the basis of features, performance and cost.

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  • 2 Gas or 3 Gas Machine with Flowmeters for O2 & N2O or O2, N2O & Air
  • Electrostatically Powder Coated Metal Frame with Antistatic Castors with front wheel brakes, Wipe-clean stainless steel table top
  • 2 Pin-Indexed Yokes & Pressure gauges for Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide, Pipelines with gas selective connectors for O , N O & Air (optional) Anti Hypoxic Guard, Oxygen Failure Alarm,
  • Deep and spacious drawer units & convenient footrest, Wide monitoring shelf at eye level with securing provision, Integrated rear bumper/ side handle for improved maneuverability Open / Close circuit switch control